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Organika Trans Ltd. is one of the leading Polish forwarding companies specializing in carriage of high-volume goods and chemical liquid substances. Among our clients we can boast of such companies as the leading PUR foam manufacturers for furniture industry and manufacturers of polystyrene and mineral wool. We deal both with domestic and international transports. Our main goal is to provide specialized and highly qualified service which enables us to satisfy our customers' expactations.

A highly qualified, dynamic and helpful staff and a modern technical base guarantee efficient and solid performance of transport orders.


Organika Trans Ltd. was established on 31th March 1995 by Malborskie Zakłady Chemiczne Organika S.A. due to reorganization of company's structure and became an independent transportcompany. This was caused by a dynamic growth of the company and increase of PUR foam customers. From the beginning Organika Trans Ltd. has been specializing in transport of high-volume loads and builded a rolling fleet of specialized trucks with capacity up to 120m3.

Meanwhile our company started to provide transportation services for a growing number of third party customers that led to the establishment of the domestic transport department in 1999. Its task is to manage the own rolling fleet and to cooperate with a wide group of carriers. Next step forward in development of the company was to create the international transport department in 2001, which apart from organising transport of high-volume goods also specialized in transport of chemical liquid substances.

At present we are among the elite of transport companies in above mentioned sectors.


Organika Trans Ltd. along with Malborskie Zakłady Chemiczne Organika Ltd.  belongs to a dynamic group of manufacture-commercial companies, united by common capital and resembling a holding group. The main markets for the Organika group are such industries like: building, chemical, furniture and transport.

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Being on time and sterling services we achieve by our rolling stock and cooperation with trustworthy carriers    more...

   Rolling stock

We have 50 our own trucks right now. To meet our customers expectations we enlarge our transportation offer of a group of subcontractors.    more...

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We invite to cooperation all carriers having at their disposal trucks with capacity from 115m3.    more...



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